• Robert

    at 11:30 am

    My Action Plan:

    1. The first area that I am going to work on is the use of small group interventions. After a reflection on my own delivery I feel that my whole group discussion happen too frequent and include too much information which isn’t critical for all. I am going to aim to use small group interventions more frequently to differentiate the session more effectively.

    2. I am also going to look into more creative ways for assessment for learning during sessions to ensure that even with maximum physically active learning time the participants can still reflect and review their performance and keep the session linked to the national curriculum.

    I really enjoyed this course and that’s a credit to you guys who have set it up. I found it very engaging and gave me plenty of new ideas and ways that I can better my own delivery. Love the response sections as they are a great way to express your subjective view on the topics and give you a perfect time to reflect and review.