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  • Jez

    at 4:30 pm

    I have been in 2 placements so far (Y1 and Y6). For the Y1 class, the focus seemed to be on having the children being active for as much of the lesson as possible and to keep teacher talk to a minimum. At that age it wasn’t sport specific at all and focused more on basic skills (running, jumping, throwing). However, the downside was also that the priority of the PE lesson wasn’t as it should be and often children would be held back for 10-15 minutes to do some intervention work and if the hall was needed for anything else, the lesson would be shortened and not made back up another time.

    In the Y6 class (before the current lockdown), it was very sports specific and they were doing a half term on volleyball culminating in 8-a-side games (round robin tournament). There were children who clearly weren’t engaged in the lessons as had no interest in volleyball and you could see the more dominant children taking over during the games