iGeneration & PESSPA

This week we spent time with students and staff at the University of Gloucestershire exploring the nuances of teaching in the modern world.  

The iGeneration, Generation Z and Alpha Generation are living and learning in a fast paced, ever changing world.  A generation of young people have been connected and on demand since birth and this is impacting on the way young people move and learn.  Although the modern way of living is often interpreted as being detrimental to physical activity levels, there is a school of thought that sees it as an opportunity to increase the amount of movement people make.

How as coaches, teachers and educators are we tailoring our lesson delivery and curriculum structure to engage the modern learner?  How do we create real autonomy and choice for pupils within the PE environment and how do we utilise technology effectively to promote lifelong participation?  All questions we explored during the session with colleagues and trainees.

Some recommendations below to inspire young people in the modern world:

  • Give pupils choice and voice Invoke excitement through innovative delivery and breadth of activity (including alternative activities)
  • Build physical activity (with choice) into daily routines
  • Careful assessment - what are you assessing and why?  Truly treasure what you are measuring.
  • Utilising technology effectively to showcase good practice, roles models and as an AfL tool.
To embrace our modern learners our BtP units of work aim to capture the imagination of both pupils and staff.  We do this with providing you and your school with on demand video content, simple to use teacher notes and assessment for learning templates plus lots of CPD opportunities.  Please get in touch for more information.

Until next time, take care and stay in touch.