My Best PE – Mark Carter (PE in 4-slides)

Mark Carter discusses his Best PE - with Ben Merry - using just four slides.

What would you 4-slides be if you had to describe your Best PE?


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  1. Picture from the first slide, was exactly what my PE lesson looked like yesterday invasion game theme. The class has a mixture of ability, and a few tricky children who when in PE I feel I can’t take my eye off. We played & I outlined the LO for the lesson and then sent the children off with who they wanted to work with to come up
    With their own Invasion game own equipment. It was the best lesson I have ever delivered, I tried not to bring the class in and supported different groups
    Individually. I was shocked with the engagement every child was on task, there was so much going on in the lesson creating, collaborating, from children who normally stand back were relishing the pe lesson along with the children who I feel I can’t take my eye off their behaviour was amazing, giving them ownership. It worked across all of the learning domains. A few children even mentioned it was the best lesson ever!

    Thanks Great video 👌🏼