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We start the course with some key definitions around Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity. In this video, Paul asks a number of key questions around the context within which PE happens and how our past experiences shape our role as practitioners.

Here are the three C questions which Paul suggests you consider as you work your way through the course content:

  • What is being challenged?
  • What has been confirmed?
  • What is making you curious?


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  1. I definitely stop to reflect on my own experiences as a student and on some of my observations so far in schools in the UK. Personally, my experience with PE was not too positive, but I think being aware of that, helps me not to transfer my experiences onto others. I like the 3-part division, as I can see some schools that really value physical activity and others that could do so much more in one or two of those 3 areas.

  2. These points made me pause and reflect on what PE was like for me when I was young. It made me reflect on positives and negatives.This also makes me think about ways that I can encourage 60 mins of daily activity for children because I feel the children above 7 don’t get anywhere near this.

  3. The set up is fantastic with lots of thought provoking questions. It is set out really clearly with some great ideas. Thinking beyond the PE lesson will optimise children’s activity.

  4. I like how this has been set out. The three different parts clearly show different approaches. I feel that the three often get tangled up and schools will confuse themselves with what it comes under. Enjoyed the questions put to us, it really made me think about both my time at school and also how mu current school views/utilises it.

  5. I really enjoyed the way you broke this down into three separate areas as it’s helped me to think about the different ways that physical activity can be incorporated into daily life throughout the school and at home. This is so important for promoting healthy and active lifestyles at a time when so many of us aren’t moving as much as we should be.

  6. I think this video has helped me to see the importance in not only PE but also school sports and physical activity in school. I feel that the schools which I have previously been based in have not given much focus on these 3 areas and I look forward to expanding my knowledge so I can fully explore all these. I am a firm believer in the importance of cross-curriculum and I feel that PE is not included enough in a cross-curriculum approach. I think by adopting this approach, PE sessions would be given more focus within the school and may encourage children to engage in activities. Also, I am curious about how I can begin to use physical activity throughout the day in different ways. I think having morning starter sessions such as wake up shake up or yoga would be extremely beneficial as it would help children to get rid of some of their excess energy before sitting down to learn.

  7. Already I’m curious and learnt so much at yesterday’s webinar which is why I signed up. The video clips of children outdoors and being allowed to make their own decisions about how to utilise equipment was so inspiring. I’m 39 years old and P.E didn’t look anything like the video clips I saw. It just felt pressurised other than when we were allowed to use ‘apparatus’ which was a rarity.

  8. Love the shout out to the wake up shake up. It’s one of my favourite go to dances when the children are looking tired. We even filmed them, as year groups, during lockdown for the children to be able to do at home. Intrigued about the look, run, avoid.

  9. Fully understand of PE activities is challenging, reinforcement of learning towards PE and explore in more details is encouraging me to engage in this course.

  10. I’m intrigued into the look, run, avoid learning theme! Also to challenge some of my views on PE, fingers crossed a few things will be confirmed a long the way as well!