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Use the response box below to comment on your current experiences delivering PE in the Early Years. How have you found it? What have the challenges been? What successes have you had?


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  1. When supporting in EYFS/ covering PPA the children are eager to use different equipment. They are very vocal to explain what they like and dislike .They enjoying showing what they can achieve.

  2. I love teaching EYFS. They are so ready to learn and please. When given the chance to explore equipment they always surprise me with the imaginative ways to come up with. They like to show you what they can do and will ask questions without prompting.

  3. I haven’t yet delivered PE in the Early Years

  4. I really enjoyed teaching EYFS pupils, they are really enthusiastic and full of energy.
    Challenge: I used to teach KS2 and adapting to EYFS was a big step. They learn by exploring and spend less time in activities.
    Massive participation of EYFS pupils, they even want to join clubs after school.