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Use the response box below to comment on your current experiences delivering PE in the Early Years. How have you found it? What have the challenges been? What successes have you had?


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  1. Teaching Reception this year has been on the whole a fantastic experience. Our school has exceptional facilities for the EYC children and with their 2 x 1 hour a week PE sessions and a 30 minute swim all year round we have seen the development really progress. Utilising the Beyond the Physical units has also given us focus, to develop new ideas, it has been a lot of fun.

  2. My experience of EYFS started many years ago with “Pre-school” rugby camps so it is great to see it in our school. I’m the PE Lead so am quite a novice to the whole PE/PD of EYFS so this is to give me that extra knowledge and in turn be better able to support the staff down there. The current EYFS staff do so much outdoor learning and are very experienced.

  3. I really enjoy teaching PE in Reception Class. Prior to starting beyond the physical we used a scheme which was about the whole child and focused on a child’s physical skills, personal, social and emotional development and thinking skills. There is a positive learning environment where children are engaged and confident to have a go. Fun activities and games delivered through a range of exciting themes. There are opportunities to experience and develop a range of FMS within PE lessons and also through our outdoor provision.

  4. I’ve only observed but the lessons I’ve seen have really focused on the fundamental movements and opportunities to develop in these areas. Lots of questions and demonstration.

  5. When I work with EYFS I find the children respond to demonstrations and simple one step instructions, I like to create imaginative scenes that the children can relate to using cartoon characters for example

  6. When working with EYFS i find the children are excited and keen to find out what they can learn about themselves. When being successful they like to show off their skills and what they have done. When working with the younger age group i find simplified games to work better and set, straight to the point instructions.

  7. The EYFS children always seem eager to participate and love showing me what they can do.
    ‘watch me’ is a common sentence I hear quite often!

  8. We love teaching PE in EYFS, children enjoy learning new physical skills which can transfer into their play also. They all engage really well in a PE lesson and it allows to support regulation also.

  9. When supporting in EYFS/ covering PPA the children are eager to use different equipment. They are very vocal to explain what they like and dislike .They enjoying showing what they can achieve.

  10. I love teaching EYFS. They are so ready to learn and please. When given the chance to explore equipment they always surprise me with the imaginative ways to come up with. They like to show you what they can do and will ask questions without prompting.

  11. I haven’t yet delivered PE in the Early Years

  12. I really enjoyed teaching EYFS pupils, they are really enthusiastic and full of energy.
    Challenge: I used to teach KS2 and adapting to EYFS was a big step. They learn by exploring and spend less time in activities.
    Massive participation of EYFS pupils, they even want to join clubs after school.