Your Personalised Page

This is what your personalised page could look like - featuring your own images and logos. The site is easy to navigate using the menus and you will be able to sample 'look run avoid' from KS1/LKS2 and 'watch move connect' from KS2. All the other themes can only be accessed should you wish to purchase your own package! You can also sample our EYFS short course as well - again accessible from the menu... enjoy!

Learning Themes

Beyond the Physical Learning Themes are specially-designed units of work linked to the PE National Curriculum. We have used our experience of working with teachers and children to create easy-to-use, friendly resources for planning and delivering high-quality PE. Each Learning Theme is centred around three key words, which are the success criteria for the unit. We accompany each of the words with a page of teacher's notes and a video showing the lesson in action.  

Accredited Online CPD

Beyond the Physical are passionate about developing the knowledge, understanding and skills of teachers, coaches and teacher trainees. Our selection of online CPD provides engaging and relevant learning. You can complete the courses at your own pace and you will receive a certificate on completion of the course. Our online tutors are ready if you have any questions along the way. Beyond the Physical CPD is approved by AfPE's Professional Development Board.